Spikes High

Spikes High is a life style brand for those passionate about design, laughs and most of all SPORTS!
Founded in 2013, Spikes High started as an Instagram feed. The online store opened the next year. I have since collaborated with creatives from all over the world on projects such as art shows, apparel lines, and a soccer club, just to name a few.

Initial Spikes High branding. The small envelope contained a curated selection of 5 sports cards, a plus one for each online order.

Below: Spikes High home page.

Below are various products produced in- house and with collaborators.

Blazermania! Art Show

Blazermania! was this third iteration of an ongoing Portland Trailblazers art show I have produced since 2010. This 2015 show was curated by myself, and co-produced with Trillblazin. I pulled from my deep community of artist connections to bring together over 30 creatives to design an event that was the buzz of the sports and creative communities.

When approached to join the Portland design community soccer league “Toffee League” I jumped at the chance. Yeah, soccer is cool, but mostly I wanted to design a kit. Spikes High FC was born! I worked with a set of Rasheed Wallace illustrations by Aaron Dana to create a kit that was not only a show stopper on the pitch, but also all over Instagram. Sheed even contacted us to get one!
The league’s tag line is “Make Football Weird”. On that front SHFC was all net.