Srsly…Memes? Srsly, Memes! Design Week Portland’s 2018 “SRSLY Memes!” event explored brand to consumer interaction through the lens of pop culture’s common denominator: the meme. Focusing directly on meme, emoji and hashtag culture the irreverent, inherently shareable vignettes merged our everyday digital experiences with the physical world.

Creative Direction / Concept Design / Art Direction

“All The Feels” was an immersive social opportunity in the shape of a giant silver tissue box clad with illustrations of notorious crying memes (Crying Jordan, Crying Kim K, and Crying Dawson).

All designers know the Wheel Of Death… you just gotta #dealwithit.
This projected Wheel wore “Deal With It” LCD screen shades that shuffled through a mix of memes.

A wall of pre-hashtaged selfie mirrors took the work out of ‘Gramming that night.

Hidden in a black light drenched room the “Emoji-Jammer” tracks your movement, transforming twerks into tunes. Track over an Emoji with a balloon for new tones and sounds.