Nickelodeon “Design on a Dime” Event

For Housing Works’ annual “Design on a Dime” charity event, Nickelodeon was looking to wow attendees with a design-forward space that would evoke 1990s Nickelodeon nostalgia. Donning my slime-covered lenses I dreamt up and help bring to life a 10′ x 12′ environment that oozed “high-end, low-brow”.  Working closely with the Nickelodeon design team we created a vignette that was the star of the show.

The design garnered national media acclaim including an award for Environmental Graphics in Communication Arts’ 2017 Design Annual.

Concept Designer / Art Director / Strategist

Early concepts included a 90’s Nickelodeon Tattoo Parlor and a Camp Site environment.

A “90’s Lounge” concept was settled on, and a 3D model is constructed after a preliminary sketch.